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AS365 N3

"When Experience Meets Excellence"

The AS365 N3 belongs to the Dauphin family, which is well known for its unique design.

This medium sized helicopter has proven its ability to perform any kind of mission, anywhere in the world. Excels in the most severe climatic conditions, high altitudes or hot temperatures will not be a barrier for the AS365 N3 as it is made persevere and equipped to perform flights over water; both day and night.

PLUS Heli's AS365 N3 is fitted with the unique Eurocopter's 3-axis autopilot to ease crew workloads and help simplify the most demanding missions.

It is outfitted with VIP interiors, making it suitable for corporate use.

AS365 N3 is capable of transporting up to 6 passengers in its cavernous cabin but we reccommend 5 to make it even more classy and luxury.

Do not waste anytime to catch a glimpse of this beautifully crafted machine. Visit our gallery for a view of our very own AS365 N3.

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