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Helicopter Management Services

PLUS Heli has the expertise and experience with maintaining and ensuring continuous delivery and revision of updated aviation safety standards, practices and regulations for the following: 

 Application of Air Service Permit                                         •  Application of Certificate of Airworthiness and Management

  Writing and Preparation of Operations, Maintenance      Lessee / Lessor Flight Programs

   or Safety Management System Manual                               Minimum Equipment Lists Development (MELS)

  Aircraft & Engine Evaluators                                                  Maintenance Programs’ Development

 Application of Aircraft Operating Certificate                        Project Management

  Aircraft Charter Services                                                        Aircraft Purchase/ Sale Specialists

  Technical Representatives                                                   Technical Records Specialists                                               

  Quality Assurance advisors                                                  Pilot Services

 Helipad Design                                                                       Helicopter Training                                                            

PLUS Heli strives to deliver effective and efficient information in compliance with both international and local aviation or aircraft regulatory bodies such as ICAO, JAR, Malaysian DCA, FAA, EASA, CASA, as well as many other regulatory organizations.